Shred Ski x H. Holderness in Avoriaz


For those graduates longing for a taste of the University ski life,

Shred Ski has heard your prayers. Welcome to the first ski week of it’s kind based on the University ski week model - adapted for the graduate market.

Think ski trip 2.0.

We caught up with the Shred Ski Team in Avoriaz for their trip launch and the ultimate Valley Rally.

If you went to University in the UK, chances are that you’ve been on a University Ski Trip (or heard your friends talking so much about their snowy shenanigans you avoid the subject at all cost).

It’s a holiday model that us Brits excel at. Setting up camp in a resort with a week of pistes, parties and enough drinking the local bars breathe a collective a sigh of relief when the last bus pulls out of the resort.

For those 3 University years, what is normally considered a high-cost past-time, becomes democratised with low prices and group discounts. With the mountain becoming more and more accessible to all, it’s hardly surprising that over 20% of us, pick up skiing or snowboarding up in our 20s (according to the The Ski Club of Great Britain*).

But what happens after you graduate and you’ve acquired a taste for the fresh alpine air? Until now, nothing.

This is where Shred Ski decided to step in and shake things up.

Based on the University ski trip model but adapted to the demands of the graduate market, Shred Ski has opened it’s arms to those graduates searching for the next level ski trip that offers both great value for money and a week packed full of slope-side events. ski trip 2.0.

Running events both sides of the channel (think partying on the Thames and turning a skate park in to a freestyle snow park) culminating hotly anticipated in the ski trip in January. this is something we at H. Holderness can get behind.


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So last week H. Holderness hit the road - direction Avoriaz - to catch up with the Shred Ski team for their infamous Valley Rally. If you have yet to participate in such an event, let us enlighten you.

Think the ultimate day of challenges, where the aim of the game is to complete as many as possible within the set time… and then add snow. Some of our favourites from last weeks included:

  1. Consume an entire lemon, peal and all

  2. Tell a ski instructor you’re a superior skier

  3. Take the ultimate team photo, scroll down to see our favourites (bonus points for spotting the squirrel)

shredski comp 2.jpg
shredski comp 1.jpg
shredski comp 3.jpg

Massive congratulations to all teams who got involved this year. we can’t wait to see who is crowned the kings and queens of portes de soleil next time…

This years winners walked away with an amazing selection of prizes including:

Rose Jumper in Black
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See you all on the slopes soon!

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