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A year ago, founder Henrietta launched H. Holderness trying to solve a problem


She noticed that there were no base-layers that girls wanted to wear. The women she saw were choosing to wear their gym leggings instead of traditional thermals because they wanted to wear the same thing from breakfast to bed (piste to party).

The problem being, gym leggings look nice, but they aren’t made for being worn under salopettes, nor for cold climates.

With the design experience she gained studying at Central Saint Martins, she set out to create a product that performed on the slopes and looked good enough to show off post-piste. Apparel that combined functionality and aesthetics, transitioning from day to night, ski slopes to après.

So here's Henrietta’s proposition: let's get rid of those woolen thermals and say yes to base-layer leggings that not only do their job on the slopes but look great even when they're not hidden under your salopettes. For those snow days, mountain hikes, yoga poses and woodland runs.

Henrietta is really proud of all of her products and she hopes you love them as much as she does.


Our capsule collection is inspired by the Canterbury Plains that wind 180 kilometers between the Southern Alps of New Zealand and the Pacific Ocean.


Whenever Henrietta is out on the slopes she’s wearing her New Zealand Base-Layer Leggings, click below to shop her favourite product.

New Zealand Base-Layer Leggings

The spring weight New Zealand base-layer leggings are a H. Holderness classic, featuring our signature print inspired by the New Zealand’s Southern Alps.

This base-layer is specially designed both to perform on the slopes and to show off table-top-dancing after one too may vin chauds at après - a transitional product that takes you from piste to party.

Our key design features to make sure you’re fully focused on your ride all day long:

‘Barely there’ seam system: Our minimal stitching and seams reduce chafing to make sure your base-layer feels like a second skin.

Four-way stretch: Our fabric moves with you not against you. With our four-way stretch you can get deep into your carving turns piste and your 360s in the park.

Thermo-regulating fabric: We love our fabric blend keeps you warm on chilly days and cool when it heats up at the end of the season.

Wear with the New Zealand T-Shirt to complete the look.

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